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ESP8226 Arduino based ePaper clock, using NTP and showing the weather.

Using a Waveshare 4.3" UART module and an ESP8226 R1 Mini from Jaycar Australia, which is a D1 R1 in the Arduino program.

The ESP8266 doesn't really have enough RAM to be able to parse the XML available from the Autralian Bureau of Meteorology, so the script does that and spits out some simplified json I've put that json on my home web server, and set the script to run hourly.

I've also put in which uses the 'weather-au' library from pip and also pulls some current temperatures from some MQTT sensors I have around the house.

Required Arduino Libraries






  • WakeUp -> D7
  • Reset - D8
  • DOUT -> D5
  • DIN -> D6

Creating Images for each digit

Use Images/ edit for font choice! The current images are in FreeMono.

Weather Icons

I have derived some from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Feel free to use those, or make some better ones!