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<p>Logic in Pipes</p>
<section>Multi Host IPs (Authoritative DNS example like in the facebook thing)</section>
<section><h2>A funky thing you can do with OSPF</h2>
<p>A necessary service</p>
<p class="fragment">Contained within a network</p>
@ -301,17 +298,53 @@ protocol device {
<section><h2>A funky thing you can do with OSPF</h2>
<p><img src="OSPF_HA.png"></img></p>
<p><img src="Diagrams/OSPF_HA.png"></img></p>
<section>Why use a 'real' router</section>
<section><h2>Why use a 'real' router</h2>
<p>Linux based router:</p>
<p class="fragment">NIC Hardware</p>
<p class="fragment">-> whole packet to Driver memory</p>
<p class="fragment">-> various kernel subsystems</p>
<p class="fragment">Routing decision made</p>
<p class="fragment">Then back out the same path</p>
<section><h2>Why use a 'real' router</h2>
<p>Enterprise level router</p>
<p class="fragment">NIC Hardware</p>
<p class="fragment">Just Enough Packet to get the address</p>
<p class="fragment">-> routing silicon</p>
<p class="fragment">Routing decision made</p>
<p class="fragment">Silicon switched to forward packet out correct NIC Hardware</p>
<section><h2>Why use a 'real' router</h2>
<p class="fragment">Some work being done on 'zero copy' networking in linux</p>
<p class="fragment">io_uring also has some smarts for this</p>
<section><h2>Why use a 'real' router</h2>
<p>Other Considerations</p>
<p class="fragment">Network Engineers are</p>
<p class="fragment">Not familiar with linux networking</p>
<p class="fragment">will have significant skills using commercial routing software</p>
<p class="fragment">Hardware ruggedness, suitability for datacentre</p>
<p class="fragment">power consumption</p>
<section><h2>¿Por qué no los dos?</h2>
<p>OpenWRT is a linux based distribution for real networking hardware</p>
<aside class="note">
<p>Consumer grade mostly, but some enterprise level routers are supported</p>
<p>Sorry, didn't get to explore this as much as I'd like</p>
<p>Not too confident talking about it as yet</p>
<p>Is how the internet is put together</p>
<section><h2>Bonus homework</h2>
<p>Why did I use 2001::db8::/32?</p>
@ -319,7 +352,7 @@ protocol device {
<p>I highly recommend going through KNorrie's network examples: <a href=""></a></p>
<p>OSPF Areas</p>
<p>Auth* for OSPF</p>
<p>Automatic transfers of internal aggregates to BGP (Something I've not investigated much)</p>
<p>Automatic transfers of internal aggregate networks to BGP (Something I've not investigated much)</p>